ERASMUS + Exchange Programme
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20 May 2019, Monday 

It is a European Union program encouraging Higher Education Institutions to cooperate with one another and providing international Mobility to university students. It provides financial support without payback to Higher Education institutions for producing mutual projects with each other.  
Erasmus Program covers european union members 27 countries which are members of Life Long Learning Program, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway which are not members of EU but European Economical Territory members and the EU candidate country Turkey. It has been applied in EU Countries since 1987. It can be said that it is the most charming program of EU education and youth programs by the consideration of around 1.100.000 student exchanges has been done as the year 2003. Erasmus program is open for the benefit of higher education institutions. For all the activities going to be held in the frame of Erasmus Program, at least one of the institutions must be European Union member institution.
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