ERASMUS + Exchange Programme
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24 April 2019, Wednesday 

Who is Erasmus ?

        Desiderius Erasmus, the famous Dutch philosopher, lived between the years 1465-1536. The exchange program was named as 'Erasmus', who is considered among the pioneers and the most prominent representatives of Humanism Movement, which came out in the Renaissance, because of the great contribution he made in order to gather the Europe under the same roof of science and art, and positive impact on educational philosophy of his era. The most significant piece of Erasmus, who traveled around the different countries of Europe throughout his life, was 'The Praise of Folly' (Morias Enkomion Seu Laus Stultitiae) a satirical examination of society in general and various abuses of the Church. Another influential publication was his translation of New Testament into Greek in 1516. In these pieces, Erasmus promoted the spread of classical knowledge to encourage a better morality among people. He died in 1536 in Basel. 

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