ERASMUS + Exchange Programme
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24 April 2019, Wednesday 

Outgoing Student

Important Notes about Student Mobility

   Course Registration and Academic Fees

             The equivalent courses, which the students have to take in our university, are determined, and recognition of the courses are recorded and guaranteed by the student's own institution and another institution that the student visits via Learning Agreement signed before the mobility period. Contents of courses do not have to be the same, they are just supposed to be mostly similar. While making course selection, the students must aim 30 ECTS credit for one term and 60 ECTS credit for the whole academic year. The students who accomplish 2/3 of all courses during the time they are abroad are accepted successful in Turkey as well whereas the students who fail will have to take the courses that they cannot pass in Turkey when they turn back.

           National scholarships that students gain cannot be cut or reduced during the process of their education abroad. Grants are paid by 2 installments to the students that will benefit from the activity. The amount of first installment is decided by the National Agency on condition that it is less than % 80 of total amount, and the first installment is paid before the students leave for the activity. The second installment is paid when the students return and after they hand in Final Report, Academic Record and Certificate of Attendance. The students can only get grants for the time they have been abroad for Erasmus program. If the students stay shorter period than planned, they are just paid for the period that they have stayed.

Erasmus + program is not ;

1.     exactly a scholarship program.

2.     a diploma program.

3.     a foreign language-learning program.

             While evaluating the applicants of student mobility for traineeships, the commission takes % 55 of grade-point average and % 45 of language achievement.


Home Institutions must be enterprises, education centers, research centers and other institutions. Institutions below are not appropriate for Erasmus Traineeship Mobility;

·        EU Institutions and EU Agencies

·        Institutions that conduct EU programs and receive grant in this sense

·        our national agents in the countries visited

Who Can Benefit from Traineeship Mobility?

All students included post-graduates can benefit from the program in all of the universities which are subject to Erasmus University charter. Unlike student mobility for studies, the program does not require to be at least 2. grade. While selecting 1. grade students, grade-point average at the end of first term is taken into account. Each students gets grant just once for placement activity abroad.  The fact that students have disciplinary punishment or failed courses does not prevent them  benefiting from Erasmus programs.


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