COVID Update


COVID Update

  •  Friday, September 17, 2021
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Dear Students,

Tokat Gaziosmanpasa University is returning to a face-to-face teaching format starting this Fall Semester. As a further health precaution, vaccine requirements will be effective throughout all campus facilities.

The university requires all teaching faculty, staff, and students present on campus to be fully vaccinated. Those who have a recent Covid-19 history will be exempt from vaccination requirements for a period of one month following their recovery. Those who remain unvaccinated should provide a negative PCR or Diagnovir test before their campus presence, at their own cost. Results of both tests will be valid for 72 hours after they become available.

To continually monitor health risks on campus, the university developed a service (Vaccination and Test Tracking System – VTTS) to keep track of HES code risk status, vaccination status, and Covid-19 test results of all staff and students. Academic staff, administrative staff, and students should use the “HES Code (VTTS)” button to reach this service from AIRS, BAIS, and SRS services, respectively.

VTTS shows the campus access status of the user as “allowed” or “not-allowed” depending on their HES risk, vaccination status, and Covid-19 test results. Staff and students with a risky HES code due to a positive test result or close contact with someone who has tested positive will not be allowed on campus. Likewise, those who do not satisfy the vaccination requirement and fail to provide a negative test result will not be able to enter the campus.

To satisfy the vaccination requirement, one should have completed at least two doses of vaccination, with a minimum of a 14-days elapsed after the second dose. Individuals who have had their first doses and are currently waiting for their second dose and those who have had their second dose less than 14 days ago, have to provide negative Covid-19 test results every 72 hours until 14 days have elapsed after their second dose.

Staff and students choosing to remain unvaccinated can get the Diagnovir test at the Health Center at TOGU Tasliciftlik Campus or get a PCR test elsewhere. Test results will be automatically uploaded to VTTS, since HES code risk and Covid-19 test status are automatically retrieved from the Ministry of Health database.

Each user has to upload their “vaccination cards” to the VTTS system. Details of creating vaccination cards in PDF form from either the “Life Fits Into Home” app or via the “e-nabız” website can be seen by clicking the “how-to” button on the VTTS page. Once uploaded, types and dates of vaccines immediately become visible. Those who were vaccinated abroad can scan and upload the image of their vaccination certificates by clicking the “add vaccination abroad” button.

We hope to see all students and staff be fully vaccinated to have a safe campus environment for everyone and wish you all a wonderful academic year.